Thursday, May 4, 2017


Debt has always been that friend that you hate so much but seemingly can't leave without.

Mr. V from Plenteouz.com writes a letter to uncle D informing him about their breakup and kicking him out of the house.

FABS' NEWS brings you a copy of this letter below;

Dear Uncle D,
I know you are busy running around and doing who knows what.
We need to talk. As a matter of fact I need to talk to you so just listen.
When we brought you into live, we did what everybody was doing thinking it was the right decision at the time. We gave you a home and made you a part of our family. We did a lot of fun things together; going to school together, bought a new car, bought a house, going out to eat, shopping at our favorite boutiques, relaxing on weekend getaways, – living the life! And while I was warned you could be bad for me, I totally ignored the naysayers – after all, we were having so much fun! Plus, there was enough give-and-take at the beginning to sustain our romance.

But things have changed. You have completely changed.
You began taking more than you gave, and that was really hard for me. And eventually I found myself questioning if the fun we had was really worth the stress and pain you were putting me through.
Don’t get me wrong, I know that relationships aren't one-sided. And there’s definitely more I could have done to keep us on the right track. But when I did try to rescue what we had left, you were unforgiving. You refused to change no matter how hard I tried. In fact, it seems like the harder I tried, the more determined you became.
Well, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.
I’m tired of focusing on you. It’s about time I start focusing on me.
I want my hard work to be valued and I want to move forward. I don’t want to work hard at something, only to find myself trapped in the same sad, dejected, depressed,miserable, and unhappy place. After all, I have a lot to give! I am a good-natured, caring, loving, kind, generous, and hard-working person. But all you make me feel is inferior, valueless, empty, worthless, pathetic and stressed out. To be honest, I don’t deserve that at all.

I want my life back. I gave you a chance and you totally blow it. I want you to move out of this house and out of my life. I don’t care where you go but just don’t come back. I am changing the locks, upgrading the security system and taking a restraining order on you.
I am tired of sitting here waiting and hoping things will change. I’ve realized that change doesn’t happen unless I make it happen. So I am making a decision that I know will change my life for the better. Improve my health and overall happiness. I am breaking up with you.
Please stop crying because this breakup is for good.
Your now Ex-love,
Mr. V
What techniques have you used to kick uncle D out of your house or out of you life. Lets connect in the comments section.

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