Saturday, February 13, 2016


2g seemed so affordable and I managed to survive with it until 3g just flashed and paved the way for 4g. Funny thing is how customers had to know about its coming from the various operators. While Orange was busy sending messages, MTN painted the towns yellow with posters on bill boards with the news. This thing kept me wondering... I haven’t even seen the 3g effect; here comes the 4g. Sincerely, I think internet Connections have greatly improved since this 4g story came up. The problem is that is it 3g or actually 4g

Now this is what I think...

Remember Nexttel actually took credit for bringing 3g network to Cameroon right? I don’t think MTN and orange could actually sit and watch Airtel or Glo or Vodafone or even Etisalat bring 4g to Cameroon. These guys know each other.. Something big could happen in the communication industry anytime from now. MTN and orange want to avoid any situation in which another company will come in and take credit for bringing better communication services to the nation while they sit as big guns watching. Seriously, till I feel otherwise I don’t think we are going to see the midpoint of 2016 without a new network operator coming or perhaps one drops out. Take my word for it.

The fun about all this is that the operator who actually took us to the 3 Generation is somewhere unseen. They simply can't cope with the competition from their rivals. So far, I haven’t heard anything about them having 4g services. They are the only evidence of 4g existing because their “3g” looks a lot slower than what their competitors provide.

Get a good phone, visit a big city and enjoy 4g services 

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