Thursday, February 11, 2016


Question one: “Do you wish to gain independence by joining the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

Question two: “Do you wish to gain independence by joining the republic of Cameroon.

Foncha: "Question Two without  fear of any counter-statement.


56 years later we have a 25 year dream of a certain vision 2035. If we could not do it in 56 years is there any guarantee of doing it in 20 years time? I don’t do politics but I do patriotism, the biggest schools don’t teach you to be patriotic. I’ve had a long reflection on this and still I haven’t concluded


Now this is what I think

Southern Cameroon could have been better off on its own given their available resources. They had food, they had power in Limbe, and they had water available for sea ports in Tiko and Limbe, just to name a few... All these better than what the current Gabon and Equatorial Guinea can even boast of nowadays. Sand, food, fuel, education, water in Gabon today all comes from southern Cameroon. But Gabon is listed among the countries with the most advancing economies in the world today.

Joining Nigeria would not have been the best idea but looking at the economy of Nigeria today, it would have seemed like a nirvana compared to what Southern Cameroonians are facing now. I don’t know much about federalism but it sure looks good especially seeing that up to the least government official is voted for leadership. Imagine the evolution such an economy promises. They have the most resonate African economy; entertainment industry, technology etc are all in good hands.

It’s true there are a lot of details we surely don’t know... Maybe Foncha was not bestowed with the full contract, maybe the guy could not read or maybe he actually made a good decision at that time knowing that if we were with Nigeria today, Boko Haram could be part of our genealogy. Foncha made a very questionable decision that leaves many resented about today.

This debate doesn’t end here. Tomorrow I could have a different perception on things, or perhaps that upcoming vision 2035 could actually unearth. But it has been a discussion for 56 years and it will continue to be a discussion in years to come. What do you have in mind?

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