Friday, January 30, 2015


BOKO HARAM is not a new name to peoples ears today. You can describe them however you want to... Some say they are the Al-Qaida of Africa, Some say they are the Demons alive, Some say whatever. But i say they are human beings and have a reason for whatever they are doing. Oh don't misunderstand me because the reason may be a bad reason. Now i won't dwell on their killings in Nigeria or Sudan because we all know of the numerous suicide bombings, church bombings, market square etc. Did you know they are in Cameroon?  Oh yes they are but he question is why are they here, if they are really killers why don't we hear of the numerous killings in Cameroon as we normally here in Nigeria. why does the Cameroon government always release reports saying that they are winning the battle and more members of the cult are dying in their hands. Perhaps the Cameroon military is too strong? Really? 

Now this is my mind... 

BOKO HARAM are in Cameroon to seek for shelter, or housing, or a place to stay. call it however you want. look it critically, With the way we hear of people dying in Nigeria in their thousands, people being kidnapped in hundreds,  we should be sure of the fact that if they really attacked Cameroon then the North should be in pieces by now or perhaps they are really in pieces but the media and government are silent about it. 

BOKO HARAM are killers and off course if they come for protection and shelter, the people of that area must fight back and we don't expect them to sit back and watch their members dying. they must react which describes some of their members deaths and also the deaths of some of the Cameroon military

BOKO HARAM have been described by some of the members of the Nigerian military as experts at what they do. Perhaps the Cameroon government has not been part of a serious war since the second world war that is why they want to take advantage of such a situation to exercise their authority or let other nations that because they are quiet doesn't mean they are toothless. This may describe the increase in the number of people who normally register for entrance into military exams by more than 100%. THEY ARE READYING THEMSELVES

LETS JUST KEEP THIS INSIDE OUR BRAINS: IF BOKO HARAM ATTACK CAMEROON, it is going to be a disaster. We shouldn't even talk or think about it. Moreover since the government is doing everything it can to hide information from reaching the other parts of the country..... God Help those of the North and its environs.

Why do you think BOKO HARAM are in Cameroon?..... Drop your comments below