Friday, January 30, 2015


This is no longer news is it?  Again somebody from Chelsea in the papers
and spotlight. Last time it was Chelsea's coach Jose Mourinho now its the Blues'
17 goals Hit-man Diego Costa who makes  news. The FA released a
statement on their website this afternoon saying he has been banned for
three games after video evidence proved that he deliberately trampled on
Emre Can  of Liverpool during the second leg the capital one cup.

Now this is what i think;

- Diego Costa is a very good striker  every team will want to have in their attack. However, being
human means he has his failures. He has a brutal attitude and this has been happening back in the days of Atletico  Madrid. Chelsea fans and their
administration should have known this before signing him last summer. They
just have to deal with it.
- Video evidence  rightly show that he trampled on Can, but is
there really a campaign against Chelsea? I think so. Let's  point out some
examples, Christiano Ronaldo did worse in  La Liga  against Cordoba, he got just 2 games out.
Jose Mourinho speaks about referees and his pocket is always being emptied by fines.
Jan Vetongen grabbed a Sheffield united player by the neck and nobody
talked about it.
you can name the rest
Perhaps it is because of Jose Mourinho's free mind that causes the
"beefing" between him and the FA... or maybe Chelsea owner Mr. Abramovic
wronged the FA and no one knows.
At the end of the day one thing is clear, the FA is strict on Chelsea and unfortunately, Mourinho and his men keep falling into her nest.

Do you think the FA has launched a campaign against Chelsea?