Saturday, January 31, 2015

LAST MONTHS' TERROR NEWS IN FRANCE....... "je suis charlie"_______ MY TAKE!

Sometimes i wonder if  Moslems
are created bad. Or are they cursed?
must they be involved in any bad
thing that happens in the world
today? In
this blog, I'm not going to criticize
Moslem community. We
listen to that everyday on the news.
Did you
know you were a racist? I mean us
the non Moslems. Trust me its
Let me give you some open day
- A tired security guard in  an airport
will probably let everyone with a
small bag go through but will gain
an extra level of energy from his
spirit when he sees a hairy white
man with a suit case.
- If you are sitting by a hairy white
man in a plane, you will probably
have the worst flight of your life.
Perhaps this is due to their poorly
designed past

or even what happens in recent
This issue in France still confuses me
till date but until i get it clear
i think those who lost their lives
looked for their deaths themselves.
politicians condemn the terrorists'
killings of charlie Hebdo Staff and
people keep on saying "je suis
charlie" , people forget that these
journalists are the founder of their
own deaths, what is the point of
provoking and posting satirical
images of Islam, the journalists are
instead the ones who need to be
condemn, but now the world sees
them as
heroes, this is not fair at all.

What do you think;