Monday, February 2, 2015


Have u ever wondered what you can do to become great? Well stop wondering.... one word "Controversy"

I took my time to dig into history about one of football's greatest manager ever and all i could see in his profile was controversy. Just from his name you perceive controversy. So! Lets not dwell on the nice parts of his profile- off course we all know he has won many trophies around the world including two champions leagues, calling himself all kinds of names bla bla bla and the list doesn't end. What about the other stuff we hardly know. What about the things he has done more often that you may think are the highlights of his career. Did you know that...

1. In 2005 Mourinho accused a referee of inviting the FC Barcelona manager into his room at half time of their champions league last 16 tie? I begin to wonder why he could even think of that. Wait so you think he had a point huh? I think he was just applying pressure on the match officials and it worked a great deal. He ended up winning the tie, death threats walked around, and the referee had to quit the game. Poor guy right?

2. In April 2009 when he was at Inter Milan of Italy, Mourinho said Inter Milan have the Inter channel having 45,000 subscribers, Juventus have Tuttosport and AC Milan three TV stations. Okay enough, enough where does this guy gets his theory from? Mars? Venus? Truth be told the source is really good.

       Now this is the best. At one stage he suggested that there was a plan to get Barcelona and UNICEF to the champions league final ahead of Real Madrid. Hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahaha

Imagine he said that after a bad tempered 2-0 win for Barcelona in the first leg of the semi finals. Well his comments then made no difference because Barca won the Champions league that year but i must confess he does keep people hanging. I think UNICEF is a big international organization, they must have a big influence in football right? Guess not! Forget i said it please. 

      When the guy returned to England last season, he said Chelsea are not given the respect they deserve quoting European trophies just because a game against Liverpool was scheduled when a champions league semi final was in close proximity. Well he had a point because Chelsea eventually lost the tie to Athletico Madrid.

Well lucky enough he hasn't said anything controversial this season.
Got you, I'm just kidding
How can he be quiet. His theory this season is that there is a conspiracy against his side by the FA and media houses like skysports who apparently pump a lot of money into the association.
Do you see the controversy throughout his career?

What do you think is going on in that head of his right now?