Thursday, February 26, 2015


No need apologizing for the title because we all know its false but i use it just to make a point. The performance from Arsenal yesterday could earn Wenger a sack in many other teams around the world. 

Few big clubs in the world will tolerate such a performance at home in a champions league knockout stage. Especially to a team at Monaco's level. Let’s not even go to the extent of comparing both teams in financial terms because Arsenal is running a budget three times bigger than that of Monaco.

 Imagine we swap team owners. Claudio Ranieri would still have been the coach of Arsenal and Wenger will have been sacked by Greece by now. Or perhaps let's say Wenger was just appointed by Roman last summer after a poor performance by Mourinho in the Champions league Semi finals against Athletico Madrid, We can all guess the main headline in all the newspapers this morning.
Last week, Jose Mourinho said in one of his interviews that Arsene has a dream job... Arsene always has the chance to correct his errors... Arsene has had more than 20 second chances in more than 15 years in charge.
One thing is certain, even if the arsenal board don’t want to send Wenger parking; I think he is a damn lucky man because the performance from his team yesterday was poor and could cost him his head in another team.
So those with investigative skills should check this out. Either Arsene Wenger himself has a 51% share at Arsenal at the same time their manager or ...