Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Recent times suggest that we should 
never compare the past to the present. Gone are those days when 2m long sugarcane cost 25 FRS, when locally made yogurt (Alaska) cost just 25 FRS. Most of us might not see this but today the economy of Cameroon is really booming, 200 francs was enough to give a pupil or student to go for 11th February celebrations, but now not even 1000FRS is enough to give a child for the day’s celebrations. 

Perhaps politicians will say we are emerging; children no longer trek to the field for match past, restaurants make maximum profit, the transport service benefits, new friends are made and there is a lot of competition all of which were absent back then. 

Enough of the long talk, this post is purposely to wish all the Cameroon youths a HAPPY YOUTH DAY. I urge Youths to have fun and to take good CARE of themselves. I won’t want to blog tomorrow talking about any unfortunate incident that happened today.
Bonne fĂȘte de la Jeunesse a tous les Camerounais