Wednesday, February 4, 2015


If a theory is brought out today that a continent's level of football should be used to rate the century it is in, Africa will perhaps wind up in the 10th Century. Usually it should concern Corruption, poor organization, or something that the Rest of the World dealt with 5 centuries ago.
Morocco refused to host the African Cup of Nations because they put the living standard and the progress of their economy ahead of money or development. Who would blame them considering the number of deaths caused by EBOLA. And off course CAF due to poor organization could not set enough time for the new hosts to prepare for the tournament. But that not withstanding, the tournament ended up taking place at Equatorial Guinea who saw it as an opportunity.

Our problem though is the allegations posed on corrupt referees at the tournament.
 Pandemonium broke out as Tunisia were controversially eliminated in the quarterfinals with a “dubious” penalty in the dying seconds of the second half. At that moment I told myself that the god of Football will not allow Equatorial Guinea to score it then it stroke me that the god of sacrifice still owed Guinea one for unplanned hosting. Balboa scoring the penalty gave the game extra time within which he scored a beauty from 25 yards sending the hosts into the semifinals for the first time in their history. The referee of that game, Mr. Rajindraparsad could not even walk out of the field without the help of security personnel.

The truth is that the free kick that led to the second goal was unwarranted and the extra time ended prematurely. The big question is whether Tunisia were just unlucky or the referee actually cheated.

Yes he made some fatal errors; yesterday, it was posted on the CAF website that he has been suspended for 6 months. Too bad the suspension will never bring Tunisia back into the competition.

To think that a bottle was thrown from the crowd at a Tunisian player is outrageous;moreover, he picked it up and hurled it back at the crowd. So it had become a war between spectators and players #Pathetic.  I just hope it didn’t hurt anybody.
At the end of the day, Regardless of what comments or utterances are made, the referee has the final say. I urge all referees – male and female alike – be strong, be fair, and be firm. Most important, be honest, because if you sell your honesty you sell your soul. If you sell your soul, you have nothing left.