Thursday, February 12, 2015


To be honest, not everybody is a mobile phone enthusiast, a lot of us just buy phones because of fashion or for pride but as you may have seen android devices look easy to manipulate but managing the android device for a long time is a difficult task and majority of us can only afford to buy a new phone only once every couple of years. 
After the first 8-10 months, you start seeing the phone laboring after you make a command or the phone that was so blazing fast when you first got it, might just start crawling.

Now, there can be millions of reasons as to why your android device should be slow including low Ram, coded apps etc., but that doesn’t change the fact that the speed cannot be increased. The following steps could explain why; Starting from the first option to the last option

DO A FACTORY RESET – Over a period of time, you end up installing/uninstalling hundreds of apps on your Android device. You also end up with a bunch of apps that you will probably never use, but they silently run in the background, draining battery and consuming precious resources.  So restarting your phone will give you a platform to start afresh, it’s like a new beginning. 

If possible you should format your SD card/Memory card, as it will get rid of all the junk files and folders left behind by uninstalled apps. A good 3g or 4g network will not take you up to 2 hours to reinstall your apps. Try as much as possible not to install useless apps, download just apps  you use at least once in 24 hours. Don’t install apps that will uselessly run in the background and consume your precious space

DISABLE SYSTEM APPS – One of the main reasons why your Android device slows down over time is due to the lack of RAM. Apps, which greatly slows down your device. While the resetting will definitely help you in reducing RAM usage, you can reduce it further by disabling some of the system apps that unnecessarily run in the background. Unfortunately, this feature is only available in Android 4.0 and higher devices but I highly recommend it for you. You can disable system apps by going to Settings -> Apps/Application Manager and then swiping to the All tab. From there, tap the name of the System app that you want to disable, and then select the Disable option. 

Don’t disable all the system apps though, as it might cause some stability issues. A quick Google search will provide you with a list of apps that you can safely disable on your Android device without any stability issues

GREENIFY – “Greenify” is a must have app if you own a pretty old Android device. The app basically allows you to hibernate apps from running in the background, which helps in increasing the speed of your phone and improves battery life. Hibernating an app using Greenify does not have any side-effect. 

The app will work just fine when you open it. Try as much as possible to have just one of such apps, don’t install Greenify and install ‘Du Speed Booster’ or something similar…. PLEASE!
ROOT AND FLASH A CUSTOM ROM – If the above steps fail, your last resort is to root your Android device. I know it’s a little strange for some of us but while rooting can be a tedious process, the gain in speed on your Android device will be totally worth it.

 As a bonus, you will also get to use some new features, and depending on the custom ROM you flash, also enjoy a new version of Android. If you find it strange, just Google about rooting your phone or better still, visit YouTube for tutorials.