Monday, February 9, 2015


I will confess that i had a divided mind watching last nights game for several reasons. But by the time the game ended, i definitely saw some good reasons why it was preferable for Ivory Coast to win over Ghana.

 5 very important reasons which can be classified under professional, patriotic and personal;

  •       As a football critic I think with all the honours’ Yaya Toure has as a footballer, he needed to crown it all by winning something with his country. Congratulations to him for captaining his country to African nations cup glory...


  •    If Ghana won they would have climbed up to having the same number of trophies as Cameroon given that they have 3 and Cameroon has 4

  •    Judging from the way Ivory coast played the competition, they were not at their best especially during the group stages but they picked up the gear and we saw some beautiful football from them.

  •   Ivory Coast eliminated Cameroon so if any other team needed to win that competition apart from Cameroon, it had to be Ivory Coast. Cameroonians can now boast that they lost to the champions.

  •   Personally, I have a lot of Ghanaian friends especially in the social media. I would be offline by now if Ghana had won.

    Do you think Ivory Coast deserved to win? Post your comments below