Friday, February 6, 2015


If only ‘fair’ people were taken to be whites then I could love to be white last night and not sleep with the disgrace the Equato Guineans put over all Africans. After their mysterious win over Tunisia in the quarter finals, they could not appreciate the gift of the semi finals and leave the competition quietly. 

Ghana players are shielded by riot police after being pelted by missiles at half-time

Why add salt to a new wound? Why rubbish the already bad name Africa has? Since when did a losing team in any competition have to fight or riot? Moreover it was a knockout match, does it mean they came to the pitch with one intention and that is winning? It came up to the level that it was too much for the supporters, who reacted not only with boos, but also with water bottles. Shooting at the Ghana reserve bench threatening to enter the field... all these in a situation where they didn’t even merit being. To think that at least five Ghanaian fans were slightly injured by stones is really painful because I can just imagine how much they had to spend to Equatorial Guinea to watch their country play just to come back with injuries.
An Equatorial Guinea fan is dragged away by security guards after attempting to storm the pitch during the stoppage in play

 The terrible quarter-final penalty decision, which saw them get this far, might eventually, be forgotten. But the missiles from the crowd will remain far longer as the dominant memory, not just of this game, but of this tournament. One thing I know for sure is that this issue is not over. CAF plan to have a meeting this Friday to deliberate on the issue but I fear for the Ghanaian fans and supporters who are in Equatorial Guinea. If you ask me I think their lives are really at stake now. Let’s pray for the best.