Saturday, February 14, 2015


Truth be told, I consider the readers of my blogs as my loved ones. With that in mind, I cannot let this day pass without me writing a little message to all of you out there.

Do you know that you might be sitting, not satisfied with yourself while many are dreaming of living your life? Take a resolution to have confidence in yourself from this day forward.

Sometimes I see a plane flying overhead and I dream of flying one day meanwhile the pilot in that plane sees you and I and dreams of returning home…..! That’s life, you have to enjoy yours

Imagine you being poor and dancing in the street and around your neighborhood meanwhile the rich can’t do such even though they are wealthy and I hear wealth is the secret of happiness.

Not to talk of great officials and statesmen who move around with body guards; that’s a clear indication that power doesn’t ensure security.

Just Google about celebrity relationships and you will notice that beauty and fame has nothing to do with having an ideal relationship.

I therefore advice us all to Live Simply, Talk Gently, Think Wisely & Love Genuinely!