Monday, February 2, 2015


The whole story today is about emergence. Either it is about an emergency plan for three years or it is emerging by  2035. What is all these about? Personally I don’t know the meaning of attaining emerging status by the year 2035.
 You might understand that
-  They have dreams of stepping out of the poverty scale by then.
- Also they preview the life expectancy to be above a certain level;
-  Or perhaps the main goal here should be improving the living standard of the citizens because no matter     what is done if the citizens don’t live well nothing will go well.
- Maybe by 2035 there will be no unemployed graduate in Cameroon. Alleluia. 

Okay, realistically what have they set as objectives towards achieving the emergence? Or does emergence just fall out of the sky? The more time they waste the more impossible it is to achieve the goals. For me emergence should be moving from one level of an economy to another and you may think that 2035 which is 20 years from today is far away but I tell you the emergence dictionary registers its full day in 24 years not in 24 hours like normal. This means that any country that thinks she can skip to another level must be fully able and ready to do so within 25 years. Now Cameroon has chosen to achieve theirs in 25 years starting from 2010. Its 5 years and running, I don’t even think their development process is any rapid than it used to be before they came up with the emergency plan well that’s in my area maybe it Is different around you. And besides, where we are today is not a product of 25 years. I think it goes way back to the 60s and 70s.

 The big question is whether Cameroon can even attain the Millennium Development Goals set aside by the United Nations this 2015. The fun about this is that by 2035 most of the decision makers today who are already old will not even be able to talk by then if not with their ancestors. This whole emerging stuff is just to put pressure on the government of tomorrow for those today will not be around by then.

Okay enough of that. What are they actually doing to ensure that they attain the emerging status.

-          They are building roads

-          They have built roads

-          They will build roads

-          Roads are programmed to be built

You should take note that roads are repeating because that is the only real development we are seeing being done and besides the roads are being repaired after two years. So roads constructed in 2013 should be in pot-hole form by now which need renewing and the trend continues till the target year.

God help our country!